Thursday, November 21, 2019

Performance Management Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Performance Management Paper - Essay Example The self-assessment process allows the organization to discern clearly its strengths and areas in which improvements can be made and culminates in planned improvement actions that are monitored for progress" (Bohigas and Heaton, 2000). EFQM Excellence Model aims to select and award a confirmation of high quality health care provision to institutions or services which achieved excellence. To apply for the EFQM, a health care service provides data of activities derived from its self-assessment according to EFQM's nine award assessment criteria. These nine award assessment criteria are as follows: "leadership, people, policy and strategy, partnership and resources, processes, people results, customer results, society results, and key performance results" ( The use of the Model could be facilitated in small groups and even possible for one individual. Good rapport among the stakeholders will ease the process as each will be involved in some ways with the Model. To be effective, management and organization heads needs to be actively involved. As the staff becomes familiar with the system of the model, self-assessment against the Model can be completed very quickly - within days for a very basic assessment. It can also be used as a "diagnostic tool" because areas for action are given emphasis. With tWith the models varying approaches: "questionnaire, matrix chart, workshop, pro-forma, and quality award simulation", an organization can set up their own assessment to fit specific structure of the organization. For emphasis, the following statements from will be cited. "A lot of the success of the model is in changing the way people think, looking for links between

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